Students in grades PK4-6 are eligible for transportation if they live 7/10ths of a mile or more from their school of attendance.  Students 7-12 are eligible for transportation if they live 1.5 miles or more from their school of attendance.

A Transportation Form is needed for student school bus transportation arrangements for each school year.  With our continued focus on students’ safety, we will not be able to take permanent transportation information over the phone.  For your child’s protection, we require detailed information regarding pick-up and drop-off arrangements with a parent or guardian’s signature.

  • A separate application is required for EACH
  • A new application is required for ANY change that is made during the school year.
  • A new application is required EVERY school year.
  • Failure to turn in an application will mean your child will not be scheduled for transportation.

 Due to the overwhelming amount of requests being processed, we require that all completed forms be returned to the District Office at 120 Raider Road, Hornell, NY 14843.  It will be forwarded to the bus garage as permanent instructions for the transportation of your child to and from school.  If your child will not need transportation, please indicate on the form and return to school or bus driver.