Student Support

Student Support Team (SST)

Student Support Teams are located in each of the three school buildings within the Hornell City School District. These teams are comprised of teachers, related service providers, administrators, and anyone who has knowledge of the student. These teams are led by our Student Support Team coordinators who have been trained in Response to Intervention research. The purpose of these SST meetings are to provide ideas and interventions for people working with a child not reaching their full academic potential. This team pinpoints where the student is struggling and brainstorms ideas and strategies that can be implemented. An intervention plan is then completed. Follow-up meetings are organized throughout the year and interventions can be changed as needed. The sole purpose of this team is not intended to be a pre-referral process for CSE, however, students being referred to the Committee on Special Education would benefit from the SST process. The main purpose of SST is to try to intervene as soon as difficulties are noticed as well as try different strategies to ensure success. It helps to bring teachers, providers, and parents together so that everyone is on the same page. This team documents each meeting and every strategy that is tried. This documentation is later used if a child is referred for an initial evaluation through CSE.

Special Education

The Hornell City School District is dedicated to providing appropriate instruction to all students. The Pupil Personnel Department works to identify those students that may need extra support through our intervention and special education programs. Special Education means specially designed instruction, programs, and services provided to help meet the unique needs of students with disabilities, as determined by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).

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Speech and Language Department

If you suspect your child has a communication delay, act today.  

Communication includes speech, language, and hearing. Getting help early is better than waiting. You may be able to get free or low-cost services for your child. Talk to your doctor or contact the Hornell CSD contact, Amy Feeley. They can tell you about early intervention programs and other services.

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