National Read Across America Week 2022

a student reads in the classroom.

The Hornell City School District encourages students in their literacy journey. The Intermediate and North Hornell Schools have had book giveaways to add to our families’ home libraries and have more planned for the remainder of the school year. In addition, the High School Library hosted a November novel writing challenge and encourages students to share their favorite books with others. 

Most recently, the district joined school districts across the country to celebrate National Read Across America week (Feb. 28 – March 4, 2022). This exciting annual event is held in conjunction with Dr. Suess’s birthday. Students from both the Intermediate and North Hornell Schools are participating in a Dr. Suess-themed spirit week to celebrate. 

Miss. Salmon's 1st grade students participate in Wacky Wednesday.
Miss. Salmon’s 1st grade students participate in Wacky Wednesday.

Students in grades 2nd -12th along with faculty, administration and staff have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing reading challenge. Participants are encouraged to find books that fall into each of the categories the librarians from the Intermediate and High School, with the help of the English department, came up with. They have until June to complete the challenge.

“We encourage students to explore a variety of subjects when choosing books,” Intermediate School Librarian Jordan Hahn said. “Reading for pleasure is a lifelong skill that can help with self-confidence, physical and mental health as well as helping students gain academic achievements.” 

The categories for the reading challenge are:

    1. A funny book
    2. A nonfiction book
    3. A book from your at-home library/a book you own but haven’t read yet
    4. A genre you’ve never read
    5. A book that’s been turned into a movie or TV show or is based on a video game
    6. A book with a color, number or name in the title
    7. Re-read your favorite book
    8. A graphic Novel/a speech bubble book
    9. A book recommended by family or a friend
    10. A book borrowed from the library

For those interested in participating in the challenge, forms are available at the Intermediate and High School Library.