Weight Room Safety Rules

These rules must be followed at all times. It is for your safety.

  1. You are only allowed in the weight room with a coach present.
  2. No horsing around, pushing, distracting another athlete.
  3. No food or drink in the weight room.
  4. Do not sit on lifting equipment during rest intervals.
  5. Must have spotters on free lifting stations (i.e. bench, incline press, squats, etc.)
  6. Report any injury to the coach immediately.
  7. If you are done lifting, do not sit around and chat with friends, go home.
  8. Rack your weights before leaving.
  9. The weight room is not a place to hang out. If you are not planning to workout, then you should leave the weight room.
  10. The weight room is a place to be serious about improving yourself. Acting inappropriately (i.e. showing off, inappropriate touching, horseplay, will NOT be tolerated.)
  11. Wear appropriate footwear and apparel for the weight room. No open toe shoes, work boots or crop tops should be worn in the weight room.

Weight Room Safety Rules Waiver must be signed and returned to the Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director before the student can use the weight room.