The FeederWatch Program

Kate Bowie’s special education class with students from second through fourth grade were selected as one of 50 schools across the country to participate in Project FeederWatch through The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The FeederWatch program was started in 2016, to collect a survey of birds visiting various locations from November
to April. The students in Bowie’s class will be observing the birds that visit the bird feeders outside of their classroom windows.

students holding bird feeders

Throughout the project, students focus on science, math, writing, social studies, art and music.

  • Science- Study animal behavior. Are some species solitary while others are gregarious? Do different species have different food preferences?
  • Math – Test and predict how often feeders need to be refilled.
  • Writing – Journal keeping.
  • Social Studies – Research the geographic ranges of birds using the FeederWatch map room.
  • Art – Sketch the birds at your feeders.
  • Music – Study bird songs and calls.

“This is a great experience for our students,” said Bowie. “They are getting to be a part of a much larger community
and enjoy hands-on learning.”