Synergy ParentVUE Overview

Parents and students access ParentVUE and StudentVUE using a web browser. A username and password provide secure access. 


ParentVUE offers a single sign-on to view school information for all of the siblings, regardless of the grade level or school of attendance. You log in once to see all of your children’s school information. 

ParentVUE offers access to student and classroom information and different types of communication from the school or district for each child. Parents see their children’s information only and cannot see other students’ information. 

ParentVUE Home Screen 

Parents see the Home tab of the ParentVUE portal after logging on to the web portal or activating an account. 

The My Account tab accesses the parent’s account information.

Managing Account Information 


Logging In to ParentVUE and StudentVUE 


1. Parents and students visit the login page at this link.

2. Select the preferred language at the bottom, if necessary. The screen default is English.

  1. Select an option: 
  • Parents: Click I am a parent . The ParentVUE Account Access screen opens.
  • Students: Click I am a student . The StudentVU E Account Access screen opens.
  1. Log in to your account. 
  • If you already have an account, enter the User Name and Password
  • Click Login.

If You Forgot Your Password 

  1. Click More Options.
  2. Click Forgot Password.

Login Screen
  1. Enter the primary email address. ParentVUE/StudentVUE sends a message to that email  address with the username and password information and a link to change your password
  2. Click Send Email. 
Forgot Password Screen
  1. Open the email.
  2. Click the link to change your password.
Forgot Password Email Sample
    • Enter the First Name, Last Name, New Password, and Confirm New Password.

      • Be sure to Enter your name exactly as it displays on the account.

    • Click Change Password

My Account Password Screen

A message indicating that the application made the changes successfully displays.

Managing Your Account

The Account Information screen differs between parents and students. Both screens allow you to  change your password, update email addresses, and view your login history. Parents can define  which type of emails to receive, how often they want to receive them, and other information as the district permits

ParentVUE Account Information 

  1. Select the My Account tab.  
  2. Make updates to your account as needed
    • Click Change Password to change your password. 
    • Decide which notifications to receive and how often in the Auto-Notify section.
    • Add or edit your email addresses. 
    • Change your First Name, Last Name, Employer, and Primary Language if  available on the screen. 
ParentVUE Account Information Screen
  1. Select values for Phone and Text, as needed. 
  2. Click Update Account.