Grading Policy

Final end-of-the-year averages for students in a Regents class will be computed as follows:

Class Average (80%) + Regents Exam (20%) = Final Grade Class Average

All students in Regents level classes will take the Regents exam at the end of the year. Students who pass the exam with a 65% or higher and have a 65% or higher course average will earn Regents credit toward graduation. Students taking Regents level science courses that require the completion of labs must successfully meet the course lab requirements in order to sit for the final examination. Students who fail to meet lab requirements by mid-year may be deemed as not meeting the class requirements and removed from the class according to Board Policy. Students may retake the Regents science course the following year.

Students who fail a course may earn the credit for that course by retaking the course at the next opportunity or attending summer school to improve the student’s overall grade. Students are eligible to attend summer school if the following criteria are met: (1) Earn a minimum final grade of 54 for the course; (2) The student earned a grade in each marking period and final assessment.

Alternate Grades

Incomplete (I)
A mark of incomplete may be assigned if a student has missed a large amount of class time and required work. The student is given a timetable which is to be followed to make up all missed work without penalty.  All work will be made up before the next five-week interim report is issued.  When the work is made up, a grade will be assigned and the incomplete will be removed.  The student will receive the earned grade if work is not completed during this time period.

No Grade (NG)
A student may receive No Grade (NG) as a mark for final averages as stipulated by district policy. Students who enter a class toward the end of a marking period or do not complete sufficient work will receive an incomplete (I) and be responsible for the work as outlined in the Incomplete section above.  If an NG is earned as a final grade, no credit is granted for the year and the entire course must be repeated. The building principal will determine if sufficient work was completed in the course to merit repeating the course in summer school.

Assigning a Grade Below 50
When a student has a grade below 50 for a marking period, the teacher must submit to the principal the Intent to Record Grade Below 50 or NG form.  A copy of this form will be given to the Guidance Office, the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), student, and teacher.  The student will receive a grade of Incomplete for a specified period of time. If the work is not completed, the student will receive the grade earned, which may be below 50. Students will get a minimum grade of 50 if no paperwork is submitted, unless it is the final marking period of the course.

Summer School

The summer school grade will be averaged with the school year course and Regents Exam using the formula below. The highest Regents Exam score will be computed into the student’s school course average.

School Course Average (1/3) + Summer School average (2/3)

The building administration may alter or amend these guidelines in the event of extenuating circumstances. Each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, students will not be considered for driver’s education in summer school if they are eligible to take any academic course for credit recovery, even if this might fit into a student’s summer school schedule.  This is due to the limited number of driver education spots.

Dropping and/or Adding a Course

The preferred time for a student to alter his or her schedule is during drop-add period in August. Students dropping a course will add a course to remain consistent with the expectation that all students shall carry a full schedule, 6.5 credits or equivalent. The course change must be consistent with the student’s overall academic plan. If changes need to occur after the first week of school, changes may occur according to the following timeframes:

Until the 3rd Friday of Septembers: Students must meet with their counselor to drop or add a course. If the student’s parent, counselor, or teacher disagrees with the request, a parent conference is scheduled. After the 4th week of school (or second week of a half-year course), permission of the principal is also required to drop and/or add a course.

Please note students participating in Junior High Band or Junior High Choir will have an extended drop period until the 5 week timeline. It is expected that students discuss this with the respective music teacher who will then notify their school counselor.

For college credit courses

Courses taken for college credit through Corning Community College, Alfred State College, and Alfred University are subject to the college policy for dropping classes.  A student dropping a course after the deadline established by the respective college is still responsible for the cost of the class. Students and parents should be mindful of the drop date at Corning Community College. Additionally, students who choose to drop the college credits through Corning Community College must continue in the high school course, per the above drop/add procedures.

Final Examinations

Students must sit for ALL final exams required of their classes, unless prior arrangements have been made (i.e. the Regents exam was taken in January for a course ending in June). All Regents level courses culminate in a Regents exam which is a statewide exam given on specific times and dates.  In addition, all classes which precede a Regents class will culminate in a local examination.

Final Exam Exemption Policy

Hornell High School students who have maintained an outstanding average may be exempt from taking a local final exam at the end of the academic school year. The following criteria are used to determine whether a student shall be exempt:

  • A student must maintain a cumulative average of 90+ for all four (4) marking periods.
  • Students with an incomplete or with work which has not been turned in at the end of the fourth marking period will not be exempt.
  • Teachers will notify students of their exemption status on or about the first Friday in June at the end of the fourth marking period.
  • Students CAN NOT be exempt from classes that culminate in a Regents Exam.

Independent Study

Students who need acceleration, or who cannot schedule a course into their schedule, may be assigned Independent Study. An Independent Study program requires a plan of study, which is developed by a teacher for the student.  The teacher and principal must approve permission for this course of study.

Credit by Examination

New York State Regents provision [100.5(9)(1)] allows students to earn credit for either a Regents or local diploma without completing units of study for such credit. This states that students may earn credit for knowledge or study learned elsewhere.  Such credit can be granted based on specific requirements set by the State Education Department and the local school board.

There are four distinct steps that must be successfully completed before credit can be granted in accordance with this provision: (1) A student must apply for credit by examination through the Guidance Office; (2) A student must demonstrate through past academic performance that he/she will benefit academically by exercising the alternative; (3) A student must achieve a score of at least 85% on a state developed or approved examination; and (4) A student must pass an oral examination or successfully complete a special project to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter area.

Students with questions or interest in pursuing this process, must meet with their guidance counselor. The application needs to meet specific deadlines stated in the Guidelines for Credit by Examination.  The opportunity to earn credit for previous knowledge and work should not be entered into lightly.