College Resources

College resources are available in the Guidance Office to help students find information on college- related topics including: planning for college; finding a college; applying to college; and paying for college.  Students are encouraged to complete all college applications online using Common App website or the State University of New York website.

College Night

Each September, Hornell High School hosts “College Night” for students of Hornell Senior High School and neighboring schools.  Representatives of colleges, military branches and local banks are available to present information and answer questions for students and parents. This is a service that is free to all.

College Visitations

Many colleges and universities send representatives to our school to speak with prospective students about their institutions. Visitations are announced on the morning announcements and are also posted in the Guidance Office.


Applications for many scholarships become available in the Guidance Office in the months prior to graduation.  Students should become aware of the application deadlines that pertain to their scholarships of interest.  Students are encouraged to check in the Guidance Office frequently for available scholarships beginning in February of their senior year.

Annual list of Scholarships

Financial Aid 

Students must file financial aid applications electronically by going to the Federal Student Aid website. This service is available beginning Oct. 1. Once the financial aid information is submitted, specific questions about financial aid issues should be directed to the Financial Aid Office of the student’s college choice.

Students (of all ages) who haven’t attended college or trade school, and parents of students in elementary and secondary school should use these resources to learn more about financial aid.

NCAA Clearing House

Most students receive financial aid from colleges or universities based upon financial need and scholarship rather than athletic ability. However, those students who possess the athletic ability to be recruited by a Division I or II school need to be aware of the NCAA Clearinghouse process.

Student athletes going to a Division I or II College or University must meet academic standards established by the NCAA. All student athletes interested in pursuing this must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at The Clearinghouse assesses each student’s transcripts, to determine whether the student meets minimum academic standards for athletic participation at NCAA Division I or II levels of competition.