Acceptable Use Policy for School Chromebooks

The focus of the one-to-one (1:1) Chromebook program at the Hornell City School District is to prepare students for their future in a world of digital technology and information. The 21st Century Skills in Education requires that technology be integrated throughout the curriculum. Technology encourages problem-solving and critical thinking skills, yet does not diminish the teacher from facilitating learning. The Hornell CSD, following the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements and NYS Education Law 2D, has safety policies and technology protection in place to filter and monitor the online activities of our students.

Students in grades 5-12 will be issued a Chromebook and be allowed to take the device back and forth from school to home. Students in grades 4pk-4 will have access to classroom sets of devices. Students in grades 5-12 will be issued a Chromebook once this agreement has been signed and returned. Stickers or personal markings are not to be applied to the devices. Upon receipt of a Chromebook, the agreement between the Hornell City School District (HCSD), the student, and his/her parent or legal guardian is in effect for the duration of the student’s time in the district. The student and parent(s), in consideration of being provided with a Chromebook and related materials for use while a student at HCSD, agree to the following:

Equipment and Accessories:

HCSD has the sole right of possession of the Chromebook and any related equipment and gives the student permission to use the device and accessories according to the guidelines stated in this document. The HCSD administrative staff retains the right to collect and/or inspect the device at any time, including by remote access, and to add, delete or change installed software and hardware. HCSD administration may deny, revoke, suspend, or limit a student’s network account at any time without prior notification.

HCSD will retain records of serial numbers of the Chromebooks and to whom they are assigned. HCSD will stock a limited number of Chromebooks that may be loaned out if the assigned device becomes inoperable; however, HCSD cannot guarantee a loaner may be available at all times. Students may not keep a broken Chromebook or avoid using a Chromebook due to loss or damage. If a student forgets to bring the device or power adapter to school, a substitute may or may not be provided.

Students in 5th-12th grades are solely responsible for bringing the fully charged Chromebook to school each day. Students are solely responsible for any data stored on the Chromebook. It is the responsibility of the student to backup data as necessary to Google Drive. There is no guarantee that data saved directly to the device can be recovered.

Additional files such as music files, video files, and applications not related to schoolwork may be deleted without notice upon discovery and may result in a violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. HCSD Chromebooks are not to be used for personal profit or nonprofit purposes such as advertising, rentals, selling or buying, soliciting for charity, or other similar uses.

BOE Approved 4/14/21

Chromebooks will be treated in the same manner as other school-owned educational tools. Therefore, all Hornell City School District policies, rules, handbooks, contracts, directives, including disciplinary measures apply to the Chromebook use.

HCSD does not guarantee that content stored on Chromebooks or Google’s server will be private. HCSD reserves the right to monitor using a variety of methods or access school Google accounts and Chromebooks if it suspects or is advised of possible breaches of security, harassment, or other violations of school policy, rules, regulations, or law, or if there is evidence of data or other intellectual property that belongs to another person.

Student unenrollment from HCSD requires the Chromebook be returned promptly, and any applicable damage fee/s be paid. All Chromebooks will be collected before the end of the school year for maintenance and repair. Students will retain their original Chromebook each year while enrolled through grades 5-8 and 9-12 to align with the life-cycle of the device and will receive the same computer when school reconvenes in the fall when at all possible. To protect the HCSD asset, the administration retains the right to assign probationary privileges to students in the following circumstances, including but not limited to: newly arriving student to the district, students with poor attendance records, students who have violated the Acceptable Use Policy, students whose parent/guardian requests the student not take the Chromebook home.

Students on the probationary list will be required to turn in their Chromebook to the library or main office at the end of each day. The equipment will be secured for the night and the student will be allowed to check it back out on a daily basis. Disciplinary actions will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the building administration.

Students are solely responsible for reasonable care and use to ensure the Chromebook is not damaged. Treat this Chromebook with as much care as if it were your own. If damage is caused by negligence, as determined by the administration, the student and parent or guardian will be billed a fee on a case by case basis.

Examples of gross negligence include, but are not limited to: leaving the computer unattended and unlocked resulting in loss or damage, lending equipment to others, using the computer in an unsafe environment, or using the computer in an unsafe manner. All repairs and service must be processed through the Hornell school technology department. Do not attempt to repair the Chromebook on your own or to contact the equipment manufacturer.

Using the Chromebook at School

Students are responsible for the ethical and educational use of technology resources at the Hornell City School District. Access to these resources is a privilege, not a right. Each employee, student, and/or parent or legal guardian will be required to follow the Acceptable Use Policy. Transmission of any material that is in violation of any federal or state law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to the following: confidential information, copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, cyberbullying, and computer viruses.

Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background. The presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, gang-related symbols or pictures may result in disciplinary action. Students may choose a Google account password. This password should be kept private and secure.

Only school-approved applications are to be loaded on the Chromebook. Students must not intentionally interfere with the functioning of a HCSD Chromebook. File sharing, file-sharing programs, or the installation and/or use of any Internet–based file-sharing tools are prohibited. The use of virtual private networks (VPN) is prohibited.

Accessing Internet Away From School

Students are allowed to access other Wi-Fi networks on their Chromebooks, however, school personnel will not provide support for network issues away from school. Internet filtering and monitoring will still apply, regardless of where the Wi-Fi is being obtained from.

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy or Digital Citizenship Responsibilities may result in disciplinary action or loss of Chromebook and network privileges. The HCSD network and Chromebook may NOT be used for the following, but not limited to: illegal activity, access or transmitting offensive materials, hate mail, material advocating violence or discrimination, obtaining obscene or pornographic material, creating or forwarding inappropriate (mean-spirited, racist, pornographic, false, etc.) material, using another person’s account (with or without his or her permission), accessing or modifying other users’ accounts, files, or passwords, or any action that deliberately disrupts network service or damages equipment or data. HCSD empowers the HCSD faculty to set boundaries within their classrooms. Individual teachers may set further restrictions for their classrooms.

Fee Structure for Loss and/or Malicious or Intentional Damage:

If a Chromebook and/or AC power adaptor has been defaced or damaged beyond the normal wear of a computer which has been handled safely and responsibly, families may be responsible for repairs or replacement costs. Families may also be charged for replacements if Chromebooks are lost or stolen due to students leaving them unattended or unsecured. We understand that damage may occur accidentally and that theft is possible even under a watchful eye; in either case, students should notify the administration as soon as possible so an investigation may take place.

It is not HCSD’s intent to levy unnecessary fines for damaged or lost technology. Accidental damage will be covered by HCSD and a replacement Chromebook will be provided. If your Chromebook and/or AC power adaptor shows signs of extreme misuse or damage beyond the normal wear of a device that has been handled safely and responsibly, families may be fined for repairs or replacements. Families may also be charged for replacements if Chromebooks are lost or stolen due to students leaving them unattended or unsecured. We understand that damage may occur accidentally and that theft is possible, even under a watchful eye; in either case, students should notify teachers or administration as soon as possible so an investigation may take place. In the event, a device is stolen outside of school property the parents/guardians are responsible for filing a police report and sharing that with the district within 5 business days. If no police report is provided then parents/guardians will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the device.

If a student Chromebook is not returned at the end of the school year, or upon transferring out of the district, the administration will work with parents/guardians to ensure this equipment is returned in a timely manner. If the administration is not successful, this matter may be turned over to local law enforcement. Please note that the Chromebooks are equipped with theft-recovery capabilities. In addition, they are only to be used by authorized users.

  • Screen ($45)
  • AC adapter/charger ($25)
  • Top Cover ($35)
  • Bottom Cover ($50)
  • Total Replacement ($300)

Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

Students and parents must sign and return this printable Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Form, which states the following:

  1.  I will not loan my Chromebook out to anyone, or leave it unattended unless it is locked in a secure place. My family may be responsible for the cost of a replacement ($300) should my laptop become lost or stolen due to “gross negligence”. 
  2. I will report any damage immediately to my teacher. In the event of theft or damage by fire, I will file a police report within 5 days of the incident.  My family is responsible for the cost of a replacement or repair fees should the administration determine that damage or loss was caused by my vandalism or “gross negligence”.
  3. As  a 5-12th-grade student, l’Il charge my Chromebook each night and bring only my Chromebook to school everyday. I understand that I am not to put stickers or markings on the device assigned to me.
  4. I understand that I have no expectation of privacy on the Chromebook and that my use and content is monitored. I also understand that my Chromebook will be filtered and managed at home and at school and I will not try to access inappropriate material.
  5. I have read and understand our School District Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy as approved by our Board of Education and agree to follow them at all times.
  6. I will not attempt to go around existing security measures such as internet filters.
  7. I agree to be a good digital citizen and not harass, bully or be insensitive to others when I am online.  This includes protecting my identity and passwords and not placing myself or others at risk by sharing personal information online.
  8. I understand that I will need to return the Chromebook and AC adaptor at the end of every school year and that I will receive the same Chromebook back the following school year to the best of the district’s ability.