September 17, 2021

Updates from Hornell City School District

Last week we welcomed all of our students back and were excited to begin the year with everyone here in person!  We have had a great start and the district is impressed with everyone’s commitment and support in following the current guidelines as provided to us by the New York State Department of Health.  These guidelines are incorporated into our current operating plan and can be found on our webpage or by clicking here

For most of last year, families received a message from the district via text each day there was a positive case of covid discovered in the school.  As the year progressed, we moved to weekly messaging.  For now, the district will continue with weekly messaging.  In addition to this weekly message, a note will be sent home in classrooms where positive cases are present (if the positive individual was in school/class and there was indeed a possible exposure).  With quarantine rules evolving from last year, being in the same room with one that tests positive for covid does not necessarily mean that everyone in the room would be deemed a contact and thus subject to quarantine.  We believe this note will help families be informed to make the best decision for their family.  We want to provide that level of information to those directly involved while not overwhelming the entire district with robo texts that may not apply to them.  Last year the NYSDOH posted a school dashboard that provided daily information on cases in our schools.  Once this is operational from the state this year, we will also post a link to this on our covid section of our website so families can also access that information should they desire it. 


This week, we learned of 11 positive cases of covid in our schools.  Here is the breakdown:


North Hornell Elementary

Hornell Intermediate School

Hornell High School

District Wide Employees








During the pandemic, families of students in the district received PEBT as a part of the Federal Government’s response and support to families of school age students.   Information about this program can be found on our webpage under covid resources or by clicking here.