October 29, 2021

Covid-19 updates from Hornell City School District

In our weekly update this week, we continue to see a decrease in the number of cases reported.  We hope that this trend continues.      

We continue to learn more about vaccines and we believe that within a relatively short period of time, vaccines for covid-19 will be available for individuals 5 years old and up.  When we have more information as well information on clinics for those interested, we will share that with you all.   In the past, we offered clinics for students 12+ and we likely will do the same with this new group of students.   If you have an interest in having your child(ren) participate in receiving the vaccine for covid-19, we would encourage you to consult your health care provider prior so you can be prepared when the vaccine is available. 

As a reminder, if your child is ill or otherwise showing symptoms of covid, keep them home.  As a school, we can work with you and even provide rapid testing at no cost to help identify cases and keep the impact and spread to a minimum.  Whenever in doubt, contact one of our nurses and discuss symptoms and if testing for covid makes sense.    

This week, we learned of 8 positive cases of covid in our schools.  Here is the breakdown: 



North Hornell Elementary

Hornell Intermediate School

Hornell High School

District Wide Employees











In other news, the district is also is required by the state to conduct a student digital equity survey across the next month.  The goal of this survey is to assess student access to technology and internet in their homes.  Parents can complete this survey through our parent portal.  Information about this survey can be found by clicking here.  Access to the survey itself can be found here.