November 19, 2021

Covid-19 updates from Hornell City School District

In our weekly update this week, we continue to experience the impact of covid-19 with students and employees with positive cases and quarantines.

Below you will see the weekly count for student and employee positives within our district.    Thankfully, we saw considerably fewer cases this week than last week and far fewer kids out of school in quarantined given students and staff can now “test to stay” if they were deemed to be a contact of a positive case of covid. 

This week, we learned of 11 positive cases of covid in our schools.  Here is the breakdown:



North Hornell Elementary

Hornell Intermediate School

Hornell High School

District Wide Employees











On Tuesday, the district partnered with the county to offer a vaccine clinic for students aged 5-11.  Approximately 100 students from Hornell and neighboring districts were able to start their vaccine series.  If there is interest, the district would look to partner again with the county for future clinics such as this.