June 4, 2021

Updated Information from NYSDOH re: face coverings

This afternoon the school received a copy of a letter written by Dr. Zucker from the NYSDOH to the CDC where updated information suggesting the change in guidance on the wearing of face coverings in schools and camps was provided.   The letter recommended the continued use of face coverings indoors for all and recommended the continued wearing of face coverings outdoors for those unvaccinated.   This is a change from the official guidance we received in April where the wearing of face coverings was required in any school setting.

We are receiving this information via the press and other sources at the same time many of you are.  As we all know, reports from the media are not NYS issued guidance.  For now, we will continue with our existing plan. We will continue to seek official guidance from the state to be sure we are compliant.  When it is clear from the Department of Health that we have approved guidance, we will adjust our local plan accordingly, as expeditiously as possible. 

Parents with questions are asked to contact the district office at 324-1302.