June 17, 2021

Updated Information re: Graduation and other events

New York State has lifted the majority of the covid-19 restrictions in recent days.  While the NYS department of health has not authorized any further changing of guidance and restrictions for school when it is in session, there are changes for events that the district hosts after school hours including concerts, awards ceremonies, and graduation.

Prior to this recent update, the school was restricted in capacity at events to 500 for outdoor events and 250 for indoor.  These capacity restrictions have been lifted provided our events are under 5,000 people in attendance.  Additionally, the requirements for physical distancing, contact tracing, health screenings, and cleaning/sanitizing requirements have also been lifted.  The one restriction that remains from NYS is that face coverings must be worn for those that are unvaccinated.  However, the district does not need to ask for proof of vaccination status.  Rather, the district can and will follow the honor system for the wearing of face coverings. 
For Hornell, this means that upcoming end of the year events outside of school, can occur in a more traditional way should their organizer choose to do so.  If changes are to occur for events operated by a building or department, they will be communicated directly from those buildings or departments.  
Tonight, June 17th, the Hornell High School will host an outdoor concert at Maple City Park.  Prior planning and communication under previous guidance limited the number of guests that could attend.  The updated guidance now will allow any and all guests interested in attending to attend without concern of capcity limits. 
On June 25 at 7:00 pm, Hornell will host graduation for the class of 2021 at Maple City Park.  For this graduation ceremony there will be no limitations or restrictions on the number of guests that can attend as the event will be under 5,000 in attendance. Physical distancing requirements will not exist and seating will not be assigned with the district following a “general admission” concept.  A health screening will not be required nor will an issued ticket be required.  All the district would ask is that the CDC and NYSDOH guidance would be followed to have non vaccinated guests, on their own honor, wear a face covering.  The district will not be seeking or asking for any proof of vaccination status.  “The district is thrilled to be able to host a much more traditional style graduation than we had last year.  With all of the changes and varying restrictions over the past 15 months, to be this close to “normal” for such a special event is wonderful for our students, their families and the community as a whole,” said Superintendent Jeremy Palotti.  For further questions pertaining to graduation, individuals are asked to contact the High School main office.

Parents with questions are asked to contact the district office at 324-1302.