Heightened Police Presence at Hornell High School this afternoon 6/10/22:

This afternoon (6/10/22), the district learned of a threat that was made towards the school via social media.  Law enforcement from the Hornell Police Department, NYS Police and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office were immediately notified and came to support the district right away.

Due to the information that was received and immediate information from the investigation that ensued by law enforcement, the district continued all regularly scheduled activities with several extra officers from all supporting agencies in and around the school.  

The day continued, along with the Hornell Steamers game, without incident and the police remained as we dismissed the game and our schools as they worked through their investigation.  School officials from visiting schools were also alerted of this activity.

The district is grateful for the support of the responding agencies and other district personnel that were involved. 

Those with questions can direct them to the district office.