January 5, 2021

Additional COVID cases identified today

Today, we learned of more positive cases of COVID-19 within the district, including an employee from North Hornell and four students at the High School.

The students from the High School were not present yesterday or today so there are no school contacts. The employee from North Hornell was in school yesterday and today and there are several contacts associated with this case. At this point, we have contacted all of these individuals that were contacts.

For now, schools will remain open for instruction for those not ill or who are contacts of positive cases. Between the positive cases from yesterday and today, the contacts have greatly limited our capacity to cover classrooms, especially at North Hornell.

It is critically important for individuals to remain home when ill. We also need to continue to follow all of our safety protocols, including wearing masks, physically distancing from others, limiting gatherings and meeting with others when avoidable and washing hands regularly.