January 25, 2022

Covid-19 updates from Hornell City School District:

On Jan. 24, a State Supreme Court judge in Nassau County ruled against the New York State mask requirement. Since that time, we have received the following from the New York State Education Department (NYSED):

“The State Education Department understands that Nassau County Supreme Court has ruled that the Department of Health exceeded its authority in enacting the mask regulation, 10 NYCRR 2.60, in Demetriou et al. v. New York State Dept of Health et al. This regulation is the subject of conflicting decisions, insofar as Albany County Supreme Court recently upheld the regulation in Massapequa UFSD et al. v. Hochul, et al.”

Following this message from the New York State Education Department we learned that the New York State Department of Health filed an appeal to the State Supreme Court’s Ruling.  At 2:00 pm this afternoon (1/25/22) an appeals court judge heard arguments regarding the appeal and there is an anticipated decision expected shortly.

Understand that until further notice, and despite what may be said in the media, universal masking is still required in schools by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and NYSED.

Whatever the outcomes of this particular issue will be, we clearly understand that guidelines and rules associated with COVID-19 for schools will be changing.  We have witnessed this during the last three weeks and know they will continue to evolve.  We ask that students, parents/guardians and staff be patient and continue to follow current COVID-19 procedures inside schools and not engage in actions or activities that may disrupt classes.

When there is an official change to measures by NYSED, NYSDOH or the Governor’s Office, you will get a message directly from the district office.