January 2, 2022

Covid-19 updates from Hornell City School District

Happy New Year! We hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays. Below you will see an update related to covid, specifically related to free home rapid tests that will be made available to families in the district this week from New York State.

You may have heard or seen news articles speaking to schools distributing home rapid tests.  The intention from New York State is to provide free access to these resources to families, and in this case to students.  The thought behind this initiative is that if families have these resources, they can self test and thus self monitor their children and avoid having children attend school should they be positive for covid.  Use and acceptance of these tests is completely voluntary.  Please note, when using the tests, positive results need to be reported to the county in which you live.  While not required, we’d also like you to notify your child’s school nurse in the event your child tests positive using one of these home tests.  This will allow us to contact trace as needed and communicate with families as needed if there are close contacts.

From Tuesday, January 4 through Friday, January 7, parents and caregivers can pick up free rapid home tests at the District Office between 8 am-4pm.  The District Office is located at 120 Raider Road.  Access to the District Office is off of the small drop off loop next to the Junior High Entrance to the High School.  

If you are interested in these resources for your families and can’t pick them up during this time frame.  Please email hcsdcovidtest@hornellcsd.org and we will arrange for an alternate method of getting the test kits to you. 

Later this week we will provide the weekly covid update as we have weekly this year.