December 14, 2020

High School moves to full remote instruction; elementary schools remain on hybrid schedule

We continue to see positive cases of COVID-19 at the High School. Given the frequency we have seen in the past week and continued to see today with both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, we have made the decision to move grades 7-12 to full remote instruction immediately with a planned return to in person learning on January 4. All in-person student activities on site will be paused until January 4.

All in-person clubs, activities, in-season sports and of- season sports workouts will be paused. Clubs, conditioning and workouts can continue remotely, but there will be no gatherings on campus and no organized gatherings off campus by our coaches while we are closed.

Alternative Education and BOCES special education students that spend 100 percent of their time off campus can continue their in-person program with BOCES. CTE programing for Hornell students will be fully remote and there is no option for in person instruction until January 4.

High School faculty will teach on the same schedule as if we were in person, but remotely, starting tomorrow. Wednesday will be a full remote day as usual and Thursday and Friday will be A and B day respectively, with live lessons via Zoom and remote work for students. The High School administration will communicate this schedule and field any questions you may have. High School faculty will work from their homes remotely Tuesday and Wednesday while cleaners, custodians and teacher aides assigned to the High School clean and disinfect the school. Faculty will return to the school on Thursday to teach remote lessons from their classrooms.

PK-6 will remain in person in our hybrid model and 3PK and 12:1:1 K-6 programs will be held in person every day. COVID-19 cases have been non-existent or minimal in the three elementary schools. We will continue to evaluate these schools over the next few days and may change course as needed.