Technology Benchmarks:

Chart Making

Computer/Peripheral Use


Email & Internet Comm.

Graphic Design & DP


Network Nav. & Printing

Operating Systems, Applications & File Mgmt.

Searching for & Evaluating Information



Video Production

Website Design

Word Processing

K-12 Technology Benchmarks

The Hornell City School district is just as committed to developing technical life skills as it is to supplying the students with the equipment to succeed. The 23 person technology committee is defining the necessary traits that each student needs to obtain in order to establish the proficiencies that will permit our graduates to commence with the tools essential for thriving in 21st century society.

While these benchmarks are in alignment with the National Educational Technology Standards (N.E.T.S.), we as a district, felt it necessary to detail the specific traits to reach each standard, as well as, raise the bar higher than the national standard, in order to become the district of choice.

It is imperative to commit to an understanding that these technology benchmarks must become part of the curriculum and an extension of Hornell’s Educational Plan for the students to become the critical thinkers and problem solvers through technological competency.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Richard Dunham, Hornell’s Instructional Technology Coordinator at or (607)324-1302 Ext.469

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