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A message regarding school security from the Superintendent:

Click here to read a message regarding school security from the Superintendent Doug Wyant.


A message from the Superintendent...

Click here to read a message concerning the events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Some helpful links to help you talk to your children...


A Message From The Superintendent

Doug Wyant, Jr., Superintendent

Superintendent of Hornell City School District
(607) 324-1302

The Hornell City School District is well-equipped to provide an excellent education program. Several initiatives are underway to advance the level of learning for our students well into the 21st Century. We are committed to preparing our students to be college and career-ready young adults. We appreciate your continued support in our efforts to make Hornell City Schools the quality educational institution our parents and community members can take pride in.

All aspects of our schools play a pivotal role in the development of our students. Each experience our young people have shapes the type of person he or she will become. Parents play an equally important role in this development. Please continue to teach and encourage your child to do his or her best.

My role as your Superintendent is to guide our team of professional educators to deliver quality education experiences to benefit all children and to provide our community with the best schools possible in a fiscally responsible manner. I look forward to meeting and speaking with many of you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (607) 324-1302 or .

Superintendent of Hornell City School District

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