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Social Studies Science
Math Reading, magazines & current events
Holidays The 50 States
Search Engines 3rd 4th 5th 6th grade skills


Timed Typing          Typing Master


4th Grade Links

Mrs. Thomas' weebly page

School Newspaper
Mrs. Walter PE Website

Teachers, I will be glad to add links to any sites you think are useful. Just send me an email with the name and address of the site. Mrs. Walter

E-mail Mrs. Walter


  Internet Safety

Webonauts - a game that teaches internet safety in a fun way.

Digital Safety for Kids - a good guide that gives an overview of several dangers on the Internet and how to prevent them, such as social media safety, internet viruses, frauds/scams, etc.

Online Safety Checklist for Kids - an easy to follow checklist that lists the steps that need to be taken to stay safe online

Kids Internet Guide

Social Studies 

Grade links

Can you name all 50 states? A roadmap to the U.S. Constitution
Name the state capitals The U.S. constitution online
Test Your News Knowledge Declaration of Independence
Benjamin Franklin Democracy Project - Government, Elections, President
Daniel Boone Election 2004
Daniel Boone, Lewis & Clark, Fantastic Facts  Crazy Taxes
Roanoke and Jamestown Links The US Constitution for Kids
Jamestown Settlement  
Jamestown Fort: Rediscovered  
Unrest in the Colonies Civil War Links
Westward Expansion More Civil War Links
Pioneers America's Library.Gov
American Revolution Links The Underground Railroad
Colonial America 1600-1775 The History Place - American Revolution
Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's Lewis and Clark
 Colonial Kids Revolutionary War Links and lessons
Colonialization links Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
  World Almanac for Kids
Canadian Links Social Studies for Kids - War of 1812
Explorers Regions of the United States
  Information about the Oregon Trail
More Explorers Fun Facts about the Oregon Trail
Explorer Time line This Day in History
Biographies of Explorers  
Vikings Stories of the Iroquois Confederacy
  Welcome to Peace 4 Turtle Island
 Mummy Maker

I have a Dream - MLK, Jr.

Explore Ancient Egypt  Mr. Donn's ancient Greece for Kids
Ancient Egypt  History for Kids Ancient Greece
   Woodlands Junior School Ancient Greece  
 Indus Valley Adventure



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Information about the 50 U.S. States


Enchanted Learning - 50 States
Stately Knowledge
Great site for places to visit and historical places
Great site for famous people (biographies)
Sports in the state Can you name all 50 states? Search Google
KidsClick - U.S. States US States: Map/Quiz Printouts
"Postcards from America" along with facts US State Flags: Coloring/Quiz Printouts U.S.A. Atlas: Maps and Geography of the United States

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Body and Bones
Awesome Animals Digestive System
Encyclopedia of Animals Excretory System- Poison Protection
Bat Information and Bat Quiz The Skeletal System and The Muscualar System
Spiders and other animals Human Skeleton and the Innerbody
Spiders Student Guide to Heart
Ranger Rick's animal games  
Whales Tour of the human body
Learn about Whales  
Learn about Plants Body Quest
Zoom Dinosaurs - Geologic Time Chart  
Gander Academy's Marine Life  
Simple Machines - links, lessons, activities
  Do you know about anatomy?
Simple Machines - lots of links here Invention Dimention
Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery  
Rock Hounds- discover how rocks are formed Weather sites
  Rocks and Minerals lots of sites
  Rockets Away - Design Zone
  The Official US time
Tectonics Sites  
Earth's Plates and Continental Drift Solar System Links
Landforms - Weathering - Erosion Links More Solar System/Space links
All About Plate Tectonics: Llama question and answer page
  Mysterious Creatures
All about Glaciers

Electricity sites


Environment-recycling links


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