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Transporting Students to and from an Extra-Curricular Event


Each student who participates in an extra-curricular event at the Hornell City School District is expected to ride the bus to and from all school sponsored activities and if applicable, practices. If parents wish to take their children home after an extra-curricular event it will be necessary to sign out with the advisor/coach after the event on the form provided by the advisor.

If parents wish to have their children ride home with another adult, a signed note will need to be provided two (2) days in advance. This note should include the child's name, date, name of the event and the name of the adult who will be taking the child. Permission notes need to be signed by the Athletic Coordinator or administrator and given to the coach/advisor prior to the event. It is the parent's responsibility to notify the adults in advance who will be transporting their children. The adult to whom the student will be released will need to sign the child out with the coach/advisor at the event on the form provided.

Any questions, please contact the Athletic Director at (607) 324-1304 ext. 1112.

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